The Draft Wedding Invitation

Lately I've been playing around with different invitation ideas. I'm not really a traditional person and I like to gift people things that they can keep forever so I've been researching card ideas that I can transform into wedding invitations.

Here's the first in a long line of ideas. Please excuse the fact that it is a bit messy and says happy birthday, it was a rough draft with old stamp sets and card stock just to play around with different ideas.

I love that it's got three sections and the possibility for more sections to write all the information down. I could use one section for general details, another for accommodation details and the front can have our initials on.

I absolutely love this colour combination and it's quite similar to the colours I'm thinking about using for my wedding. The extra 3D pop out flowers really add an extra dimension to this card that really gives it a bit of oomph!

I hope you like my first draft and looking forward to the more polished finish.

Speak soon,

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